WILTON - A financial expert made sure Wilton moms really do know best when it comes to the recession during a seminar Tuesday at the town?s library.

Financial planner, author and mother Kristin Delfau said mothers can fix anything, but even moms need some fiscal advice in today?s struggling economy.

?A lot of moms are in the similar situations of wanting to save money,? Delfau said. ?A lot of moms are also running around trying to take care of kids and house.?

Delfau advised her fellow mothers to start with small steps, such as becoming unit-price shoppers at the grocery store. She said that little change helps make sure you know the actual price per unit and can compare items.

Mothers were also advised to use the Internet to help with both home repairs and affordable beauty products. Warning against paying for fancy packaging when it comes to makeup, Delfau recommends saving a couple bucks by shopping generic.

Women in attendance, including Delfau, agreed they?re multitaskers with more on their plates than ever before.

?I'm multitasking as we speak,? said Delfau.