WILTON - Some Wilton residents took time to inquire about generators Thursday in case they lose power during the upcoming bouts of heavy rain and possibly a hurricane.

Paul Bonomo, the owner of Cannondale Generators, said that while he wasn't as busy as he was before Hurricane Irene or Superstorm Sandy, his phone was still ringing off the hook Thursday.

However, Bonomo said that if residents are trying to get a large, automatic household generator by this weekend, it is most likely too late. A permit is needed for the type of generator he sells, which usually has a two- to three-week installation process.

Portable generators are more common for people who want to power appliances or lamps. Bonomo said that residents cannot fully power their home via generator without proper installation by an electrician.

Other businesses in town, like a hardware store, said a number of people came in to stock up on essentials. Business is expected to pick up if Hurricane Joaquin does hit the area early next week.