WILTON - Wilton school officials say that students who posted hurtful comments on social networking sites last week will face the "appropriate consequences."

Maria Coleman, principal of Middlebrook Middle School, says a small group of students wrote hurtful and inappropriate comments Wednesday on the social networking sites Ask.fm and Instagram.

She says other students then began commenting on and reposting the original inappropriate comments.

Coleman would not elaborate on the nature of the comments or on what consequences the students responsible would face.

She sent a letter home to parents informing them of what happened and asking them to encourage their children be smart about what they post online.

News 12 reached out to Ask.fm and a spokesperson says that since the company was bought last year, they've taken measures to ensure safety is their primary focus.

Wilton school officials also say safety of their students is their No. 1 priority and that they will be helping those students who were hurt by this incident.