STAMFORD - Plows were on the go and truck wheels were spinning as locals braved the winter storm during Friday?s morning commute.

Snow fell all over the state early Friday morning and afternoon, and forecasters are calling for a changeover to freezing rain and sleet.

By early afternoon, most of the state had already seen around 7 inches of snow. Most of the main roads were plowed, and driving conditions weren?t bad. However, with the mixture of snow, sleet and rain expected for Friday evening, roads will become very slippery, making driving conditions unsafe.

Some Stamford residents spent their mornings shoveling snow and digging out their cars, but one local says he enjoys the wintry weather outside. ?I love the snow,? Jean Charles says. ?I like to play on it, I like to shovel snow. It makes me feel strong.?

While snow may be fun for some, it is extremely dangerous for others. Accidents have been reported across the state, one of them closing a portion of 1-95 early Friday morning. With worsening conditions expected, residents are advised to stay inside and only drive if they have to.

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