MILFORD - A Milford woman charged with kidnapping her ill 81-year-old mother and taking her to Florida for weeks is insisting she acted in her mother's best interest.

A court had appointed Jeryl Gray's brother as their mother's caretaker, but despite that ruling, the 56-year-old attempted to relocate her mother to West Palm Beach. Deloris Gray suffers from dementia as well as other serious medical conditions.

Probate records reveal that Gray's mother has assets in excess of $3.5 million. Police say that they believe the family dispute started in Dec. 2010 when a court put Jason Gray in charge of their mother?s well-being. As part of the conservatorship, Gray was going to receive a $1,000 weekly stipend.

According to police, Deloris Gray was not harmed during the two weeks she went missing.

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