NORWALK - A Norwalk woman who says her obesity resulted in health problems underwent a procedure more and more people are opting for.

Health officials say the number of people undergoing bariatric surgery to lose weight each year has more than doubled since 2003.

Some, such as 36-year-old Beatrice Grant, are losing the weight with a procedure known as lap-band surgery. During the procedure, Greenwich Hospital's Dr. Bruce Molinelli inserted a lap-band and positioned it toward the top of Grant's stomach pouch.

"We tighten the band down by adjusting it through a saline injection, through a port that sits under the skin," Molinelli says.

The surgery comes with the life-threatening risk of perforating the patient's stomach, but Molinelli says that has never happened on his watch. And, as with any surgery, there's the risk of infection. Grant has steered clear of all complications.