STAMFORD - A Stamford woman says she doesn't know where to go after an alleged drunken driver plowed into her home, causing significant damage.

The crash happened on Stillwater Avenue early Sunday morning.

Bree Sanders says she was sleeping on her couch with her puppy when the car crashed into her kitchen. She says she woke up when she was hit by a toaster.

Sanders says she then walked out into her balcony feeling disoriented and shocked, and saw the driver running away from the scene.

Police say they caught and arrested the driver a short time later.

Sanders is looking for a place to stay as the city's Building Inspection Department has declared her apartment unsafe to live in.

"It's like an out-of-body experience. I still feel like dreaming," she says. "I still feel like I'm sleeping on the couch and this is a nightmare and when I wake up, my kitchen will be back in order."

An official from the city's Health Department says they are working with Sanders to find her temporary shelter until her landlord fixes the damages.