GREENWICH - A woman who escaped years of abuse in Brazil and found hope for a new life in southwestern Connecticut has shared her story with News 12 .

Tiffany Fontana's husband and the father of her children is a Brazilian attorney and the son of a wealthy tycoon. He also allegedly hospitalized her with head injuries.

Fontana says the Brazilians have different views of domestic violence - even asking her what she did to provoke her husband into beating her. Online, she was able to find help through the Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center.

Fontana was advised to contact the U.S. consulate. After gathering the necessary documents, including police and hospital reports, she signed separation papers. She was then told to get on a plane to America the next day. That was one year ago.

Fontana now lives close to family in Greenwich. Her struggle isn't over - Brazilian authorities are ordering her return within 90 days. Fontana is yet to find adequate legal counsel who can navigate the complexity of her case.