STRATFORD - Police say a mother from Stratford had to spend the night in the hospital after she and her toddler son were injured in a dog attack Thursday afternoon. 

Authorities say two dogs, a Rottweiler and a pit bull, escaped from a yard in the area of Quenby Place. Police say one of the dogs managed to grab the 22-month-old child from a stroller and was trying to run away.

When the mom bent down to try to rescue the child, police say the dog bit her in the neck.

Officers say a teenager at the house that the dogs had escaped from shouted for help. Dana Gormley, a contractor working nearby, grabbed his shovel and got the dog off the mom.

The toddler was treated and released from the hospital, but his mother had to stay at the hospital overnight. She was listed in stable condition.

Police say the owner of the dogs could face criminal charges. The dogs are currently in the custody of animal control.

Officials say the animals were licensed and vaccinated, and they add that rabies is not a concern.