WOODBRIDGE - Woodbridge police are warning pet owners in town to keep their dogs and cats inside as they search for the person who set out poison traps that killed a local dog.

Authorities say a Newfoundland and lab mix was poisoned so much that within an hour, the dog was dead.

"That's just beyond cruel, I can't imagine somebody doing something like that," says Paul Neidmann, a Woodbridge Animal Control official.

While pet owners are on edge, animal control officers are canvassing Clark Road looking for evidence.

"Dogs shouldn't be roaming to begin with, however that's no excuse to set out poison for anything," Neidmann says.

Authorities say neighbors on Clark Road let their dog outside last week, and within an hour he was found dead in front of his kennel. An autopsy showed tainted meat chunks in the dog's stomach.

"They don't feed the dog meat, so obviously the meat was the conveyance of which the poison got into the dog's system," Neidmann says.

While it's unclear if the dog on Clark Road was the intended target, investigators are warning everyone in Woodbridge to keep their animals safe.

Pat Crisco, of Woodbridge, says he isn't taking any chances with his dog.

"I have a dog we keep on an electric fence. I think I'll be a little more careful now," he says.