STAMFORD - Workers at a struggling Stamford nursing home set for closure say they plan to fight the move.

Nearly 100 people work at the Smith House Nursing Home.

The city is asking the state's permission to shut the facility down early next year.

Mayor David Martin says the facility lost $6 million last year and that the numbers look even worse this year.  

Nurses tell News 12 that they are organizing a vigorous fight to force the city's hand to keep Smith House open. They say they plan to use a little-known deed restriction that might exist on the property to do it.

The nurses belong to the largest union in the health care industry. The union plans on lobbying city leaders and state regulators, who ultimately have to approve the closure.

A Smith House Nursing Assistant says the homes in the area no longer employ full-time employees. Instead, she says they hire individuals on a per diem basis.

State regulators will hold a public hearing on the issue Nov. 13.