NEW CANAAN - A New Canaan pizzeria is home to a unique record holder who can boast he?s the reigning fastest pizza maker in the world.

Pinocchio Pizza co-owner Bruno DiFabio won the title at the Pizza World Championships in Italy in April and he?s won the title four times before.

DeFabio says the trick is stretching the pizza dough and not putting stuff on top of it. ?I don't want to say it's like when Barry Bonds steps up to the plate,? DeFabio says, ?But in the pizza world, it was like when Barry Bonds steps up to the plate. Everybody wanted to see."

DeFabio?s brother Dino, also a co-owner at Pinocchio, is also no stranger to the spotlight in the pizza-making world. He makes what was dubbed North America's Best Pizza at the recent World Pizza Olympics. Its toppings include arugula, prosciutto and lemon vinaigrette.