NORWALK - A Norwalk woman is demanding answers after she says she was wrongly issued a parking ticket in the SoNo district.

Michelle Brigante said she used a kiosk to pay for three hours of parking this week. She says she paid, took her receipt and left. But, she returned to see that she had been ticketed.

Brigante's parking receipt shows that she paid the meter on Tuesday and she had three hours until her time expired. The ticket she got was issued over two hours before her time was set to expire.

Brigante says there are many parking concerns in the district and something needs to be done.

Brigante says that she was able to get this latest ticket taken care of this week. In the meantime, Mayor Harry Rilling says his SoNo task force is looking into parking concerns in the district.

The acting chair of the city's parking authority also says the board is in the early stages of drafting a survey to get drivers' opinions on what the issues are.