STAMFORD - Stamford police responded to Stillmeadow School Tuesday afternoon for a report of an intruder alarm going off.

Police tell News 12 it was a false alarm and everyone is fine. They say the school was on lockdown for about 20 minutes.

Officers say teachers were wearing new panic alarms around their necks for the first time today, and one of the buttons was accidentally pushed after 2 p.m. Many say they knew what to do because the school has had practice drills with the new system.

Officials say the system, Situational Awareness Response Assistant, locks down the school and sends out an announcement over the loud speaker. Every staff member has a clicker that is to be hit only if they see someone with a weapon inside the school.

The principal says the school has had SARA for only 10 days, and they are now investigating why it went off Tuesday afternoon and later in the evening.