STAMFORD - A Stamford investment banker has been given a second chance at life and is using it to help those less fortunate.

Paul Trefry says he thought he was in good health until he suffered a heart attack.

Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Stamford Hospital Dr. Michael Coady says Trefry was losing liters of blood because he had a tear in his aorta. Dr. Coady informed Trefry he might die.

After 10 hours of surgery, Trefry emerged from the operating room with his aorta intact.

With a second chance at life, Trefry is now committed to helping residents of Guatemala and other poor regions through humanitarian work with the Greenwich-based Stanwich Church.

Trefry has spent time with a couple in Haiti caring for 65 orphans and is hoping to raise money to help children in the area and in Guatemala.