ADL: Connecticut white supremacist propaganda incidents reach all-time high
White supremacist propaganda incidents are at an all-time high in Connecticut, according to the Anti-Defamation League.
The ADL reports that white supremacist propaganda incidents are up 115% compared to last year.  
The group says a recorded 6,751 incidents were reported in 2022, which saw a 38% increase over the previous year.
Regionally, however, the ADL says it recorded 207 incidents in Connecticut in 2022, a 115% increase from the 96 incidents recorded in 2021.
According to the ADL, Connecticut is the 29th most populous state with just over 3.5 million residents and ranks as the state with the ninth most white supremacist propaganda incidents in 2022.
The ADL says three white supremacist groups – Patriot Front, Goyim Defense League (GDL) and White Lives Matter (WLM) - were responsible for 93% of the activity. In Connecticut, the two groups with the most activity in 2022 were Patriot Front with 185 incidents and the National Socialist Club (NSC) with 16 incidents.    
They say approximately one in every 10 Connecticut communities was targeted in 2022 with flyers appearing across every region and size of town and city.
In 2022, the ADL says Connecticut residents were faced with white supremacist stickers and flyers at state parks; racist, homophobic and antisemitic flyers found in our yards; and the Goyim Defense League livestreaming while placing flyers on car windows in Waterbury in an effort to fundraise.  

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