Teacher helps kids appreciate professional wrestling and open new doors
A Brooklyn teacher is using his love of professional wrestling to not only give students the opportunity to enjoy it, but to possibly give them future opportunities.  
Last year at KIPP AMP Middle School, Victor Perry started the Wrestling Club with four students as a way to share their love for the artform. That number quickly rose from four students once word spread. 
“It became an infectious thing,” said Perry. “Other kids heard about it and before we knew it we had 20 kids.  Presently we have about 60 kids on the roster.” 
Last year, WWE superstar Sasha Banks visited the wrestling club, and since then, AEW’s Kieth Lee and Swerve Strickland have also met with the club.  
These passionate students have even ended up on WWE programming, but Perry says it’s about more than what happens on the screen. 
“The Wrestling Club isn’t about just watching matches,” says Perry. “It’s about educating the whole kid, introducing them to opportunities they wouldn’t know about, whether its commentary, broadcasting, creative writing, or even fashion.” 

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