Diaper Bank of Connecticut: Diapers are needed
The Diaper Bank of Connecticut says 75,000 children in the state are in need of diapers.
That's up from 35,000 in 2019.
The organization has teamed up with the Connecticut Hospital Association to help those struggling.
Connecticut's hospitals - including Saint Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport Hospital, and Norwalk Hospital - screen patients to see if they are in need of diapers and other baby supplies.
If families are found to be in need, The Diaper Bank of Connecticut provides them with 100 diapers per child per month.
The organizations say they've distributed 1 million diapers to 2,200 babies and toddlers since the program began in November.
Since it's National Diaper Need Awareness Week, some communities in our area are hosting diaper drives.
 Click HERE for a list of local diaper drives.

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