2 arrested for posting threating messages against police, Trump in downtown Westport

Two people were arrested after police say they posted threating messages about police and President Donald Trump in downtown Westport.
Max Bernegger, age 18, of Westport, and a juvenile were both arrested with breach of peace.
Police say officers believe it was early Sunday morning when more than 50 flyers were posted in the area of Church Lane.
The sheets of paper had slogans that read "Kill Trump" and "Fight The White" as well as threats against officers.
Many also featured the symbol for the Worker's Party of Korea, the ruling regime of North Korea.
Police say they obtained surveillance video from the downtown area that helped lead them to the arrests.
Bernegger turned himself into police Thursday after learning there was a warrant out for his arrest.
His bond was set at $500, which he posted. He was released to his parents.
He is scheduled to be arraigned at Norwalk Superior Court on Nov. 17.