Connecticut's Buttonwood Farm home to 300,000 sunflowers

Buttonwood Farm in Griswold, Connecticut is home to 300,000 sunflowers which attract visitors from all over.
Originally a 1975 dairy farm, Buttonwood began selling ice cream in 1998 and then planted a single field of sunflowers after a friend suggested it.
Shortly after, the farm staff realized people were traveling from all over to take pictures of the sunflowers.
The sunflowers drew so much attention that the farm began planting more.
In 2004, their sunflower fields expanded to 10 acres, but today there are a total of 14 acres of sunflowers.
Their sunflower fields are home to an event called Sunflowers for Wishes.
Organizers say 100% percent of proceeds generated from the program goes to Make-A-Wish Connecticut.
Visitors can walk the field of sunflowers, or they can go to a different field, to cut sunflowers.
Sunflowers are $2 per flower for Make-A-Wish, and visitors can cut any amount that they would like.
Buttonwood Farm has raised over $1 million for the Make-A-Wish foundation.
This year’s cut your own event is July 24 through August 1.
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