Ex-Bridgeport Police Chief Perez pleads guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud, making false statements

Former Bridgeport Police Chief AJ Perez and Personnel Director David Dunn have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and making false statements to FBI agents.
"I accept the responsibility for what I did. I apologize to the good people... people that I served with pride and I gave 37 years of my life to them," said Perez as he left the courthouse Monday.
The plea agreement comes less than a month after the FBI arrested Perez and Dunn for conspiring to rig the 2018 national police chief search, then lying to federal agents about it.
Perez was acting chief at the time - going for the permanent gig. He and Dunn Monday admitted that agents had photographs, voice recordings and email and text messages documenting a conspiracy that lasted months.
In court, prosecutors said the two stole exam materials and cheated in other ways to ensure Perez finished in the top three finalists. He was then appointed by Mayor Joe Ganim, a longtime friend.
Perez was sworn in to be the permanent leader of the Bridgeport Police Department and given a five-year contract. 
Their plea deals call for a year and a half to two years in prison. Each man is also facing a fine of $7,500 to $75,000, and a restitution to the city of just under $150,000.
Dunn did not address the media as he left the courthouse, but his attorney made a brief statement.
"Today, a very good, decent, respected man, David Dunn, took the courageous step of unequivocally accepting responsibility for his mistakes and his conduct in this matter," his attorney says.
Acting U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss also released a statement that said in part, "Today's pleas are a significant step in ensuring that Bridgeport's citizens and police officers have leaders with integrity who are committed to enforcing, not breaking, the law."
Perez is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 4, while Dunn is slated for Jan. 11.
Bridgeport officials tell News 12, "This is obviously a sad day for our city. However, today's pleas help bring closure to this matter and to what has been a very difficult year for the city. We all look forward to continuing to work hard every day on behalf of the people of Bridgeport."