Fairfield University puts dorm under quarantine, halts sports for 2 weeks due to COVID-19 spike

Fairfield University announced Friday that one campus dorm is under quarantine, and that all sports have been suspended for the next two weeks due to an increase in COVID-19 cases.
Fairfield Health Director Sands Cleary says students will take classes and eat their meals in their rooms.
The campus is also closed to commuting students for the next two weeks.
Officials say parties and small gatherings are partly to blame, just like with a spike Ludlowe High School saw earlier this month.
"We saw the same kind of thing. People getting together, and we saw transmission among those friend groups and those people," Cleary says.
The school says cases are to be expected, but they need to be locked down before vulnerable populations are put at risk.
Residents on Fairfield Beach Road say on the weekends they see nearby rental properties hosting gatherings of ten or more students.
Ryan Ucellini says he's been masking up and hopes his classmates can do the same.
"It's really all on us and whether we follow the rules," he says.
Town officials say they're working with the university to increase contact tracing and testing on campus.