Guilford home to oldest house in Connecticut

You don't have to go far to explore the rich history of Connecticut -- the state's oldest built house is located right in Guilford.
The Whitfield house was built in 1639 and is the oldest house in the state, as well as New England's oldest stone house.
Guilford was the seventh town in Connecticut, both a combination of a quintessential New England town and a Shore town.
The town is home to five history museums, including the Henry Whitfield State Museum.
Henry Whitfield and his family were among the original group of English Puritans who colonized the town.
When they arrived, they entered the ancestral homeland of the Menuncatuck band of the Quinnipiac tribe.
The Whitfields lived in one of four large stone houses built in Guilford as part of their defensive system.
The house is not your typical New England house. The walls are made of local granite that is about 2 feet thick, and all the neighbors would come to their house in times of trouble.
The town's beach, Jacob's beach, is located right down on Long Island Sound.
There’s also a beach at the town's freshwater lake, Lake Quonnipaug.
The Guilford Green is about 12 acres that includes a park with lots of shopping and restaurants around its edges.
Lots of historic buildings are located downtown, including both private homes and public buildings.
The downtown area is very walkable with streets around the green in the surrounding historic district.
The Guilford Art Center also hosts the Guilford Performing Arts Festival.