WEATHER TO WATCH: Thunderstorms across New Jersey for Monday

NOW: It's hot! Temps close to 90, humidity making it feel like it's 90 as we go into the early evening. Quiet tonight - clouds collect. Warm & humid. Stay shower after sunset? Into overnight possibly.
NEXT: Cold front approaches for tomorrow. Showers and embedded t-storms likely from late morning thru the day. From NW to SE.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Michele Powers says thunderstorms and heavy showers are expected across New Jersey on Monday.
Storms will have locally heavy rain. Most likely NOT severe, but of course thunder and lightning. Cold front ushers in drier and cooler conditions by tomorrow night.
HEAT returns late week
WATCHING for storms next weekend (especially Saturday, could be rough)
MONDAY: WEATHER TO WATCH - Showers and PM storms likely, some sunny breaks at times. Highs around 80.
TUESDAY: Mostly sunny and pleasant. Highs around 80.
WEDNESDAY: Sunny skies, very nice. Highs lower 80s.
THURSDAY: Sun and clouds, middle 80s.
FRIDAY AND SATURDAY: Heat increases, partly sunny, lower 90s both days.