Norwalk community protests ruling not to charge officer in fatal police-involved crash

Protesters marched through the streets in Norwalk Wednesday following a ruling made in connection with a fatal police accident.
Protesters stood face to face with police, blocking off intersections to traffic and demanding one of their officers involved in the chase be fired.
Family and friends of Vincent Fowlkes and Shawn Bowman blocked off intersections to demand justice.
Last week, a judge dismissed a lawsuit against the city in connection with the 2017 police chase that turned deadly.
Fowlkes died and Bowman is still recovering from serious injuries.
Bowman's brother and friends are calling for charges to be filed.
"That man belongs to be in jail. He deserves to be held accountable, nonetheless, just like anyone else around -- period," said Tyrique Bowman.
At the time of the incident, police said the chase began after the two men sped away from police officers during a drug arrest and that a large amount of drugs were found in their car.
The protest did resolve peacefully, and there were no arrests. Protesters say they intend to speak with the mayor and legislative council until there is justice.
The judge ruled the city and its officers in this case are protected by government immunity from lawsuits.
The new police accountability law eliminating that protection goes in to effect next year.