Stratford police accused of excessive force

A Bridgeport man is accusing Stratford police of using excessive force during an arrest over the weekend.
Earnest Gaines, 22, says he was beaten and Tasered three times at the Coleman Brother?s Carnival in Stratford Square Saturday night, leaving several marks on his body.
Gaines says he was in the parking lot after the carnival closed when an officer approached him. According to Gaines, the officer asked him why he wasn't leaving before taking him to the ground. Gaines admits he swore at the officer and that he was thrown against another car, kicked to the ground and Tasered at least three times.
Stratford police say officers were called to a large fight outside the carnival and saw Gaines brawling with a group of teenagers near the movie theater. They say when they tried to arrest him, he resisted.
Gaines was charged with breach of peace and interfering with police. He is scheduled to appear in court later this month.
He says he's filed a complaint with the town's police commission.