Sunny but colder today; wintery mix possible Tuesday night

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Jonathan Cubit says temperatures will take a dive today before a chance of rain and possibly even snow arrives on Wednesday.
NOW AND NEW: Temperatures fall to near freezing or below in spots and this is just the beginning.  
Freeze warnings and watches are up for counties that haven't seen the widespread hard freezes.  
The growing season is over just about everywhere now in the tri-state.
Slight wind chill in the a.m., so bundle up. Sky stays nice and clear.
NEXT: Tracking a potential coastal storm for early Wednesday.
Since temperatures will be colder, we have to watch elevations as the precipitation moves in later Tuesday.
There may be some mixing of wet snow or sleet.
There is a better chance of this up through the Hudson Valley into New England.
Most areas will see a chilly rain.
The wind will kick in and, of course watch, for some coastal and tidal flooding that usually occurs with these types of storms.
Staying colder with below normal temperatures all week and possibly into part of next week as well.
TODAY: Sunny and chilly. High of 47.
TUESDAY: Partly sunny and chilly. High of 48.
WEDNESDAY: Rain likely. High of 46.