'Y'all killed my baby' - Bridgeport family says 21-year-old son wasn't helped after club shooting

A Bridgeport family says no one reached out to help their 21-year-old son after he was shot at the Keystone Club this weekend.
Police tell News 12 they're investigating two shootings - one involving 31-year-old Daron Jones on Worth Street early Sunday morning and another involving 21-year-old Nyair Nixon.
They say the club shooting happened two hours after the Worth Street shooting at 1794 Barnum Ave. Police say Nixon was shot in the club, then stumbled outside and was hit by a car.
They say he was still responsive at the scene but later died at the hospital.
Nixon's family tells News 12 Connecticut they're upset that no one from the club immediately reached out to help their son at the scene.
"Y'all killed my baby," says Nicole Tate, Nixon's mother. "He did not deserve this. Ny didn't deserve this. He was a beautiful kid. My kid... I'm not supposed to bury my baby."
Nixon's father says that Keystone Club, which was shut down a month ago and then reopened, shouldn't have even been open in a pandemic.
Police say they have some leads and believe both victims were targeted.
Eneida Martinez, a Bridgeport city councilwoman, is the manager of the Keystone Club. News 12 Connecticut reached out to her and the club for comment.