2 accused of killing Bridgeport man over marijuana face judge

Two men accused in the deadly shooting of a Bridgeport man over a marijuana deal faced a judge Thursday.
Vaughn Thomas, 20 and Darrick Tunstall, 19, are accused of killing Dyshon Williams, 19, outside the Luis Munoz Marin School on Feb. 11.
Officials say that Williams went to the school around 10:30 p.m. to sell Tunstall 2 ounces of marijuana. Williams and Tunstall were friends. But police say that when Williams arrived, Tunstall and Thomas tried to steal the marijuana and shot Williams to death in the process.
The pair was arrested Wednesday.
“We had previously attempted to interview both of them, and we reached out to their attorneys yesterday to make them aware that warrants for their arrests were ready and we wanted to serve them and both turned themselves in yesterday afternoon,” says Bridgeport Police Capt. Brian Fitzgerald.
The Williams family did not wish to speak to News 12 Connecticut Thursday but said that they are happy that the suspects are in custody.
“They're very happy that justice is being served, and we hope and look forward to the next court date,” says attorney Robert Photos.
Community activist Curtis Rushing Jr. says that he is furious about what happened to Williams.
“I don't even know him, but I feel the pain and I feel like this could have been avoided. This didn't have to happen,” he says.
Rushing says that he knows about the kind of life that the young men were living and says that it is tragic because these young men who grow up around crime often think that there is no other way out.
“You’re in a Catch 22 and there’s no loophholes. Every loophole you fall into is another Catch 22. It’s a bottomless pit and you’re stuck in the abyss,” he says.
Thomas and Tunstall are each being held on $1 million bond. Another court hearing is expected later this month.