Army specialist returns from tour of duty to surprise parents

Tears were flowing in Bridgeport as a soldier returned home from Afghanistan, to the surprise of his parents.
Army Spc. Lee Knight, 29, says he has been in the armed forces for eight years and volunteered for the tour of duty over the previous nine months. He described the tour as the longest nine months of his life.
Knight says he got home a few days early and hid out in a Waterbury motel so he could surprise his parents at New Church of Signs & Wonders on Hallett Street during Sunday service.
"The first few days I was like, 'OK I'm going to surprise her,'" says Knight. "It wasn't until I got there, my sister was sneaking me through the back, I hear everyone talking and I was sweating, and shaking a little bit and antsy, like this is going to happen."
Knight's mom Gloria Young says she spent the entire nine months Knight was gone praying he would return home safely, and she's grateful her prayers were answered.
"I didn't see him come in, but I felt his presence and that's when I knew my son was home," says Young.