BOE officials address mold issues at Stamford schools

The Stamford School District held a Board of Education meeting to discuss mold issues plaguing nearly a dozen schools.
In a meeting held Tuesday night, the Board of Education addressed the mold issue.
At least ten schools have been reported to have mold inside of them, officials say.
At Westover Elementary School, cleanup crews were seen leaving the building last week. The school's auditorium and a number of classrooms had to be closed off.
School officials say a combination of wet weather and some building problems are to blame.
At the meeting, teachers and parents say they no longer trust the district's response to the mold that's been documented.
Kelly Lane, a teacher at Westover Elementary, called on the board to help fix the problem. She says her colleagues have been taking medical leaves since this started because the mold is making them sick.
Concerned parents say it's time to uncover the real issue. Parents and teachers feel administrators are minimizing the danger.
According to Board of Education President David Mannis, the district took the serious approach the mold was a health hazard and needed to be fixed as fast as possible.