Bridgeport man's murder conviction overturned after serving 33 years

A Bridgeport man who served 33 years in New York prison for murder had his conviction overturned Wednesday.
Keith Bush, 62, of Bridgeport, was exonerated in the 1975 murder of a classmate. His conviction was overturned Wednesday after a case review found Long Island prosecutors had long hid the fact that police looked at another possible suspect.
Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini, who went to court with Bush's lawyer seeking to have the conviction overturned, says it's clear to him that Bush did not kill 14-year-old Sherese Watson. He apologized to Bush on behalf of his office and the law enforcement community.
The Bush family says there is a certain feeling you cannot describe when you have waited a long time for justice to be served.
"I'm proud of the people that believed in me and they actually helped bring the truth to light," says Bush.
Bush was 17 when police charged him in the murder of Watson. Though the years of incarceration took their toll, Bush says he turned his pain into purpose and eventually found allies outside the prison walls.
Thanks to the work of Bush's legal supporters, the DNA found beneath the victim's fingernails was determined to not be his.
Bush was paroled in 2007, but remained listed as a sex offender. He says he'll be giving his parole officer a copy of the court order so he will quickly be taken off the list.