Bridgeport ready to begin counting thousands of mail-in absentee ballots

Officials in Bridgeport are ready to begin the task of counting thousands of mail-in absentee ballots for the Connecticut primary election.
Assistant Town Clerk Christina Resto says ballots that are postmarked by Aug. 11 will be counted as long as they arrive by Aug. 13.
It's all part of an elaborate process arising from the pandemic and from Gov. Ned Lamont's order, resulting in what officials say has been an unusually high number of mail-in ballots.
In spite of it all, officials want voters to know they're on top of the process.
Waiting for the outcome is bound to be extra suspenseful given the high profile of close contests like the 22nd District Senate race between incumbent Marilyn Moore and Bridgeport City Councilman Marcus Brown.
Many voters are questioning how this process is all going to go during the general election in November.