Bridgeport teachers rally after 2 schools switch to temporary online learning due to COVID-19 cases

Bridgeport teachers rallied outside City Hall Monday after students from two schools are being switched to distance learning temporarily due to COVID-19.
The school district says the seventh and eighth grade students at Park City Magnet School will transition to remote learning for two weeks after a positive case of coronavirus was reported in their part of the building. The other grades will attend classes in school.
Also, all the students at Jettie Tisdale School will learn from home this week after a positive case was confirmed.
The demonstrators read letters from teachers, outlining their concerns about health and safety in the schools. They also say they don't feel like their union has done enough to advocate for them.
Some protesters tell News 12 they are forming a breakaway group, called Bmore Brideport Movement, which will be made up of rank and file educators.
The superintendent tells News 12 the district has done everything it could, and that parents and teachers with concerns should feel free to come forward.
Testing will be offered in the parking lot of Tisdale Tuesday from 3 to 6 p.m. Testing is also scheduled for Park City on Wednesday.