Charter boat captain has guided adventure seekers around Norwalk waters for 30 years

For nearly 30 years, Capt. Ian Devlin has been guiding fisherman and bird watchers to all the "best spots" in the waters around Norwalk.
Devlin runs Delvin's Charters and he says he is happy to share with his customers the experiences that make the outdoors so unique to him.
"A huge part of what I do is not only catching fish, but catching fish in the environment that makes catching them more special," Devlin  says.
He says the fishing is amazing, but being outside and being able to see ospreys and eagles nests alongside other incredible shorebirds is what it's all about for birders.
"In a boat, you're right in the habitat, and you're not disturbing the birds. If you're a birder or a naturalist, or a photographer, that's exceptionally desirable," he says.