Educators rally for funding to implement safety measures for new school year

A statewide car rally in nearly two dozen different locations across the state had hundreds of educators honking their horns in a push to ensure everyone will be safe when school reopens.
Gov. Ned Lamont said Thursday during his briefing that the metrics point to reopening schools in the fall.
Dianne Phanos, president of the Stamford Education Association, says the city is leaning towards a hybrid model for the upcoming school year. Phanos says there needs to be more money for adequate PPE, testing and temperature checks.
In addition, some school buildings still need to be cleared of serious environmental issues.
"We had many mold, ventilation, water intrusion issues and we need to make sure those are taken care of as well as these schools being ready for kids to be socially distanced," says Phanos.
The Stamford Education Association says the Board of Education will vote next Tuesday on whether or not the city will go forward with the hybrid model.