Ex-school resource officer accuses Bridgeport of unfair treatment

A former school resource officer in Bridgeport says he was laid off twice and was replaced unfairly.
Jeff Babey, 63, says he's been replaced by school resource officers who make more money than he did.
"They subcontracted our job, which they're not supposed to do," says Babey. "They took our spots and they put in a bill for $1.4 million.  Does the taxpayer realize that they didn’t save $500? They end up paying triple." 
Babey says in order to get reinstated, the city wants him and the other officers to go through a thorough background check, a polygraph test and a psychological examination even though they have worked as officers for more than 20 years.
Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim says the city is working on the issue.
"There was a long process involved the labor commission so that will be sorted through between the police department and the Board of Education, and the city will continue to facilitate to make sure that those positions and those things are put back in place," says Ganim. 
Babey says the new officers that replaced him are making $25,000 more than he did.