Expert: Sen. Harris may energize Democrats to vote in November

Dr. Gary Rose, a political expert, told News 12 that Sen. Kamala Harris – the first Black female to run on a major party's presidential ticket – is exactly what Joe Biden needs.
"As I consider her selection, I don’t think Kamala Harris has been added to the campaign in order to earn back those white, working class voters in the swing states,” said Dr. Rose, the chair of the political science department at Sacred Heart University.
He says he believes Harris was chosen to get more Democrats out to the polls.
“I think she has been added to the ticket to mobilize the African American vote, the working-class voters and even the young vote,” says Dr. Rose.
Rose says normally a vice president choice doesn’t determine the outcome of a race but in this particular instance, he believes it will.
Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz told News that she “can’t wait to see” Harris take on Vice President Mike Pence. That debate will take place at the University of Utah on Oct. 7.