Front-runners in gubernatorial race square off in debate

The front-runners in the Connecticut gubernatorial race squared off for the first time Wednesday night in a debate.
Republican Bob Stefanowski and Democrat Ned Lamont took part in the debate in New London. The debate kicked off with both candidates focusing on taxes and tolls. While the two threw some jabs at one another there were no real bombshells during the debate.
Leading up to the debate Stefanowski has maintained a low-profile, only doing a few big events like the Newtown Labor Day parade. He has preferred to meet with voters in smaller settings.
Sacred Heart political analyst Gary Rose says Stefanowski has kept an unusually low profile, but has been strong in debates against other Republicans. 
Lamont has taken a different approach, choosing to do multiple press events often with other Democrats. This week, Lamont said voters will see two different visions for Connecticut's future.
The two will face off in another debate Monday in New Haven.