Gov. Lamont calls for utility reform, including performance-based regulation

Gov. Ned Lamont called for utility reform Monday as thousands of Eversource customers still remain without power following Isaias.
- 94,000 Eversource customers are still without power, Lamont says.
- Lamont is calling for utility reform and accountability. He says ratepayers need meaningful reform.
- Lamont says he wants perfomance-based regulation, which would include affordability, reliability and resilience, customer satisfaction and environmental goals.
- He says their needs to be financial benefits for excellent performance and painful consequences for poor performance.
- There are 50,567 coronavirus cases in the state, with 247 new cases since Friday.
- There have been 4,444 deaths, with three additional deaths since Friday.
- There are 64 people currently hospitalized from COVID-19, with one less hospitalization since Friday.
- There have been 900,967 coronavirus tests performed, with over 38,000 conducted since Friday.
- Lamont says the state is stepping up enforcement on large, private gatherings. He says the state will also issue fines and will force businesses to close for violating rules.
- Lamont also says those without a mask due to a medical condition will require documentation. He also says the first fines have been issued due to travel advisory violations.
- Lamont says he issued an executive order to allow absentee ballots postmarked by Aug. 11 and received by the town clerk by Aug. 13 to count.