Gubernatorial candidates square off in first debate

With Connecticut's general election less than two months away, the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor squared off in their first debate Wednesday night.
Stefanowski and Lamont, both businessmen, never held an elected office.
The two clashed over who's the better candidate to fix the state's economy and reduce massive budget deficits.
Stefanowski vows to lower taxes.
Lamont says his opponent's plan to eliminate the state income tax would have negative effects.
"Bob's got a plan that will benefit the millionaires and bankrupt the towns and cities," said Lamont.
"Do you know how large his property cut is? $100,” said Stefanowski. “He is going to give people $10 a month. At the same time, he's going to bring back tolls that cost hundreds of dollars."
Dr. Gayle Alberda, Asst. Professor of Politics at Fairfield University, thinks both of the candidates were timid in how they attacked the other.
"If you are looking at the TV, Lamont looked really good, he was put together, he appeared confident," said Albeda.
"Stefanowski sounded better," Alberda continued. "He sounded more assertive in his answers."
The two will face off again Monday.