Independent gubernatorial candidate Oz Griebel rolls out economic plan

Connecticut's independent candidate for governor rolled out his economic plan Thursday, one that he says is the only plan honest with taxpayers.
Oz Griebel's plan calls to drain the state's entire rainy day fund to plug the budget deficit. The fund is designed for emergencies, but he says the state is in a financial emergency.
In the long term, Griebel wants to ask state workers to make more concessions. In exchange, he plans to use lottery proceeds to shore up their pension fund.
Griebel called highway tolls "unavoidable," but adds that their funds must go toward the state's roads.
He also says he wants to legalize marijuana in Connecticut.
Griebel says his opponents Bob Stefanowski and Ned Lamont only recited talking points at Wednesday night's gubernatorial debate, adding that they are both more worried about getting elected, rather than telling voters the truth in how to fix the state.
Griebel has long odds of an Election Day victory -- he's polling at less than 5 percent.