Indicted Bridgeport personnel director resigns; councilwoman calls on Ganim to step down

David Dunn, the acting personnel director for city of Bridgeport indicted Thursday on federal charges, has resigned.
It follows the resignation of Police Chief AJ Perez after they were both charged with fraud and making false statements regarding the city’s hiring of the police chief, according to the FBI.
They are accused of fixing the police exam so Perez could land the full-time position.
Mayor Joe Ganim appointed Assistant Chief Rebecca Garcia to acting chief following Perez's resignation.
On Friday, Bridgeport City Councilwoman Maria Pereira called for Ganim’s resignation, saying, "A core principle of leadership is accountability for the actions of those you put in power."
She says his chief of staff Dan Shamus should also resign.
“In addition – all the money, taxpayer funds, that have been used for their defense attorneys needs to be recouped for defending this criminal activity," she says.
Ganim addressed the issue after a 9/11 ceremony Friday morning, calling Thursday a “terrible” and “difficult day.”
“We have a new acting chief. We look forward to moving forward with her," he said.
He also made a statement about Perez’s resignation that he shared on social media.
Councilman Ernie Newton said Friday that the focus now should be on restoring public confidence in the police department. He floated the name of Bridgeport Police Capt. Rod Porter – one of three people to make the final cut during the selection process as a potential candidate for the full-time position of chief.
“The No. 1 goal is having a permanent police chief in the city of Bridgeport," he said.
News 12's Frank Recchia requested a one-on-one interview with Ganim, but was told he was unavailable.