Norwalk city officials remove statue from public park

A Norwalk street artist is searching for a new location for his latest art piece after city officials removed it from a public park Thursday.
The artist, who goes by Fivefingaz, says the painted wood sculpture named "Norwalk Indian" was inspired by the remains of a Native American fort from the 1600s that was uncovered over the summer by DOT archaeologists, who were inspecting the site of the new walk bridge.
He says with Columbus Day coming up, he wanted to remind residents that it's also important to remember the indigenous people who made the U.S. their home first.
"Art, in my point of view, is supposed to make people feel uncomfortable," Fivefingaz says.
He says he's talking to the Norwalk Historical Society about possibly finding a new location in town for "Norwalk Indian."
Fivefingaz also says no matter what, everyone can expect to see the art piece somewhere where the public will be able to see it.