Norwalk library debuts Harry Potter-themed escape room

The Norwalk Public Library is the latest local destination to get in on the "escape the room" craze.
The library is making their own version of the fun activity with a room full of puzzles inspired by Harry Potter books.
The Carnegie Conference Room was transformed into a Hogwarts dorm last Saturday, and will run three sessions a day through Sunday.
Once they're locked in, participants have one hour to sift through clues and find a hidden dragon's egg. The puzzle requires teamwork, cooperation and communication to finish.
Organizers say it's a fun way to bring new visitors to the library.
"We've definitely pulled in people who have otherwise not been to the library in some time," says Norwalk Public Library's Lisa Story. "It's great, and we love having our regulars, but we're trying to pull in some new fresh people too."
Organizers say the escape room is aimed at young adults, but kids as young as fifth-graders are able to try.