Plane quarantined at JFK amid reports of sick passengers

A plane from Dubai was quarantined at John F. Kennedy International Airport Wednesday after numerous passengers became sick.
The Emirates flight from Dubai landed around 9 a.m. The airline says as many as 100 of the 521 people aboard the plane were evaluated after complaining of illness, including cough and fever. A total of 10 people were hospitalized.
Once the plane landed, cellphone video shows the flight crew trying to keep passengers calm. 
Members of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention then boarded the Airbus 380 and deemed 19 people "sick."
A spokesperson for New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio says 10 of them were taken to the hospital. The other nine refused medical attention.
The Port Authority says the CDC took the temperatures of the sick passengers, finding it was likely a massive case of the flu.
The Port Authority released a statement saying the airport has been contained and that there is no illness there and operations are back to normal.
A surprise tweet came Wednesday from rapper Vanilla Ice. The “Ice Ice Baby” singer tweeted, “So, I just landed in New York coming back from Dubai and now I'm stuck on the runway with like 1,000 police, ambulances, fire trucks, this is crazy.”