Police question person of interest in fatal stabbing in Stamford

Police say they are questioning a person of interest in connection with a fatal stabbing at a Stamford home.
Police say a Hispanic man in his 50s was stabbed in the stomach at a multifamily home at 107 Frederick St. around 10 p.m. Wednesday.
According to police, the man was stabbed inside of the home then ran outside where he collapsed at the corner of Frederick and Cove streets. He was transported to the hospital with stab wounds to his stomach and was later pronounced dead.
"People in the community saw this man run down the street bleeding very heavily," says Capt. Richard Conklin.
Police say the person in custody for questioning had two outstanding failure to appear warrants from prior assaults in Stamford.
Neighbors in the area were surprised by what happened.
"It's not typical, but it's a little scary because I mean it could happen to anyone," said Edward Gonzalez.
Police have not said whether the victim and the person of interest lived in the same multifamily home.
There was a slight delay in the investigation because of the need for Spanish interpreters. In addition, some of the witnesses were intoxicated.
"Also there was a level of intoxication to some of our witnesses and we had to wait for them to somewhat sober up," says Conklin.