Police: Stamford homicide may have been result of love triangle

Police have identified the victim and suspect in Wednesday night's deadly stabbing and say the killing appears to be the result of a love triangle.
Police say Enrique Gutama was in his home on Frederick Street with another person Wednesday night when Alonso Perez-Mateo entered and the two got into a fight. Police think Perez-Mateo, 30, used scissors to stab Gutama, 53, in the stomach.
Gutama then stumbled out of the home, bleeding heavily, and collapsed on the sidewalk near the intersection of Cove Road. That’s where people saw him and called 911.
“Speaking to motive, at this point, we're not ruling anything out, but it does appear that it was some type of love triangle,” says Stamford Police Lt. Michael Noto. “Some jealousies got involved.”
Police narrowed in on Perez-Mateo as a person of interest early on, and he has been in police custody since Wednesday night on unrelated warrants. 
Perez-Mateo had pleaded guilty to both assault and driving under the influence in December and was supposed to return to court in February but never did. Police arrested him for that Thursday morning while investigating the homicide. He was arraigned on failure to appear in court charges today.
Perez-Mateo has not been charged with Gutama's death yet, but police say that's coming soon.
Perez-Mateo's bond was set at $300,000. ICE has also put a detainer on him.