Police still searching for man who stole car with 8-year-old inside

Police are still searching for the man who stole a car with an 8-year-old girl inside last week.
Suffolk police say the girl was sitting in the back seat of a white 2007 Acura outside of a 7-Eleven in Deer Park Friday morning when a carjacker got into the front seat of the unlocked car and drove away.
Officials say the 8-year-old's father was inside the store when his daughter was taken.
According to police, the carjacker drove about 2 miles to Hot Bagels in West Islip, let the girl out of the car and took off.
Chelsea Unay was working behind the counter when the girl came inside.
"I tried talking to her, you know asking questions, 'where'd you come from?' I'm like 'where are your parents?' She wasn't answering me, I guess, she was obviously scared," said Unay.
Suffolk police are still looking for the man who took the girl.
They say her father will not be facing any charges.