Seasonal eateries prepare for slower fall months

Labor Day weekend marks the end of the busiest time for many of western Connecticut's seasonal food stops, but some restaurant owners say they’ll be staying open into the fall.
The owner of Mr. Frosty's Ice Cream Shop in Norwalk says the stand normally closes for the season in the fall, but they'll be staying open through the end of the year due to a busy summer driven by hot weather. It'll stay open to sell cakes and doughnuts during the colder months.
Nappy Gavrielidis, the owner of Overton's Seafood, says his location on the water makes it a prime summer spot. However, he says the weather this summer was working against him.
"We do a lot of boaters, lot of beach crowd, people coming from Long Island on their boats, park at the dock," he says. "People don't like it when it's real hot out, it's good for the ice cream business, but not for food that much."
Clyde Ripka, the owner of Ripka's Beach Café on Calf Pasture Beach, says he's been braving the slow winter months as a year-round business for the past six years. He says he does about 70 percent of his business from June to August.
"The majority of my business off-season is off-site catering," he says. "I don't mind coming down here and looking at the water and having a cup of coffee and talking to a dozen people over the course of a Sunday."